Pie Keynote Charts

Pie Keynote charts templates are universal and apply quickly in the early and later stages of preparation of the presentation. The entire set of values clearly expressed circle.

These Pie Keynote chart templates contain various segmented pie circles, each of which describes a corresponding fraction of the total value depicted. All templates divided into wedge-shaped sectors showing proportionally part of the whole. Pie charts can show the size of portions very obvious at a glance. They are often added to business presentations and education, to show a variety of categories, such as costs mentality, success in education, etc.

We recommend to create better Keynote pie charts used in the presentation of no more than 5 of any wedges of a pie chart. The main way to attract attention, and quickly and is available to explain what's what. One type of visualization - Pie Keynote charts that can be more beautiful than the neat, bright picture for the display of statistical data.

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One of the most common ways to present data graphically is a pie chart. It got its name from how it looks: a circular pie cut into several slices. This type of graph is useful when plotting qualitative data where the information describes a feature or attribute and is not numerical. Each feature corresponds to a different piece of cake. Looking at all the sectoral parts, you can compare how much data fits in each category. The larger the category, the larger its pie part will be.