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PowerPoint maps templates - section of the site where you can download the territorial and political maps of the world, continents or large geographical regions.

World PowerPoint maps for presentation could be an interesting solution, suitable for almost any style: business, finance, education, sociology - all it can do interesting and original design, the main thing - to choose the option that is right for you. Political maps of the world characterized by high dynamism. It reflects the major political and geographical changes. On our site you quickly and conveniently find a map of any country, region. The advantage of our templates is the ability to quickly add to the presentation and further adapt to your needs.

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The structure of the political maps for PowerPoint. Classification of countries

Political PowerPoint maps are geographical maps that gives a territorial-political characterization of the world, continents, or major geographic regions and reflects the division of the world into states, possessions and territories. It is in continuous development. PowerPoint maps are the subject of studying political geography, which is the branch of economic and social geography associated with political science.

There are 236 countries and territories on the current political map of the world; Independent, independent states among them - 194.

Political geography studies the formation of a political PowerPoint map of the world and its individual regions, changing borders, peculiarities of a state system, and so on. Changes in the political map are divided into quantitative and qualitative.

For convenience, all world maps are sorted by category: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and World Maps templates.

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