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Q. What is a document template or presentation?
A. Templates are used to simplify work with typical documents and presentations. For example, when creating presentations, a template, and a content template were used. Similarly, you can use templates when creating text documents.
A template is a document that contains all the elements that are "shared" for different documents of this type. The template is used as a template to create new documents or presentations of a specific type. Typically, the template defines the styles used in these documents; You can also add headers to it, any ready-made text, images, and more.
Software editors allow you to open and edit templates in the same way as editing documents. You can convert a document to a template. The main difference between documents and templates is their use.
Templates contain formatting options that are only available for documents created using this template.

Q. What types of documents can be created using MS Word?
A. MS Word contains several templates and wizards to create different types of documents that are used most often. Such templates and masters are created for the help of the user, their use keeps time for the preparation of business documents.
So, for creating personal or business letters, you can use the right wizards to help you prepare the letters you need for different business situations.
With Word, you can create, for example, the following types of documents: Business Letters, Title Pages, Service Notes, Reports, Brochures, References, Orders, Bulletins, Statements, Research Papers, Meeting Schedule, Certificates, Calendars, Accounts, Resumes, etc.

Q. Why buy templates?
A. The main reason is to save time, effort, and money. On our site, you can find and select the template that will meet your needs. But most importantly, the templates allow you to quickly change the look of the presentation and present it to your client. This saves a few hours spent on development. The rest of the time you focus on content rather than on the design and layout of your brochure, business cards, postcards, PowerPoint, or Keynote presentations.

Q. What can I do with the templates?
A. You are allowed to create presentations using templates. However, you may not resell or distribute the templates.

Compatibility / Formats

Q. What software do I need to work with templates for presentations?
A. To open PowerPoint templates, you need Microsoft PowerPoint. Templates are also compatible with the software OpenOffice. To open Keynote Themes (templates), you need Keynote '08, '09, and so.

Note: Some programs support the opening of the source files of other programs, although some effects may not work and you cannot change it for the better.

Q. Do you have templates that can be opened in Keynote and OpenOffice software?
A. Yes, there are. But you must make sure that the software, that supports the format, is installed on your computer.

Purchase / Download

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept PayPal and credit cards. Pay by credit card is accepted by, which is a known secure payment gateway.

Q. Can I pay with a currency other than US dollars?
A. You can pay by credit card. The amount charged in your currency will depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase and any conversion fees charged by your credit card company.

Q. How can I download templates after making the purchase?
A. After you make a purchase, and payment is processed without any problems, you need to go to our website and check the status of your order at the console.

Needed: Go to page "", using the user name (email address) and password. Select the template you buy. Click the "Download"

Q. I am not able to download the products what do I do?
A. Our products have to load automatically when you click the download button. If it does not load please let us know.

Q. Orders in anticipation?
A. Please note, that if the order is pending, and you have already paid. If everything is ok but you still can not receive your order, please contact us: Do not forget to specify the order, so we can sort out this issue.

Q. I cannot open the downloaded file (ZIP)?
A. Make sure you have installed the decompressor archives (some versions of MS Windows Support ZIP folders automatically).
For Windows - WinZip 9.x
For the Mac - Stuffit Expander 10. x

Q. I forgot my password. How then can I get my order?
A. You need to recover your password. To do this follow

Q. How can I change my password?
A. Login to "Modify your account" ( You will see a form to fill out (You can change your current password and other information).

Q. Can I purchase a specific image without a template?
A. No! Under our conditions, templates are sold together with the images. However, after the purchase, you will have a separately designed template and images.


Q. Can I change the size of the Keynote Themes and PowerPoint templates (increase or decrease)?
A. All templates are available in standard sizes, but you can resize them by yourself.

Q. How to apply a template to a finished presentation?
A. Open the presentation. Select "Apply Design Template" from the "Format" menu. Select the desired template and click the "Apply"

Q. How to modify an existing background in the presentation?
A. To change the background on a slide presentation press right-click and choose "Background". Then In the pop-up window, click on "photo" and then "Select Picture".

Q. How do I print brochures using your template?
A. You need to insert only the logo and the contents of the booklet. Brochures can be printed at home or in a commercial print shop.