Refund policy

We want you to be happy with your ImagineLayout purchase. Because the products we provide are intangible, we do not return the product after it has been paid for and shipped to the customer. As a customer, you are responsible for your decision to purchase the product offered on our website.

Taking into account the above, we can implement offer a money-back guarantee in the following circumstances:

  • the product was not delivered (downloaded): for any reason related to the server, you were not able to download it. In this case, we recommend that you contact us for assistance. To do this, you must apply in writing within 14 days of creating the order. Otherwise, the product will be considered received and downloaded;
  • Irrecoverable product defects or special difficulties when editing the template: although all products are tested by the relevant departments of our company, we do not rule out the possibility of errors. You must contact support within 72 hours of purchase .;
  • The description of the product differs from that given on the site: the return of the goods, for this reason, is decided separately in each case. Before making a purchase, you should review the source files included in the template package, as well as the software needed to edit the template.


  • The order number for which you wish to receive a refund.
  • Detailed description of the problem and the reason for the refund request.


Each request is considered individually, in turn, and its consideration takes time. The return manager will provide you with information about the status of your request.

Once your refund request is approved, the manager will notify you. The application review period is 7-10 days from the date of sending the request. The return process itself can take up to several weeks, depending on the payment method, your bank, and other reasons.

Refunds are processed as follows:
You can contact technical support, it is necessary to specify the details of the order and the reason for returning the product. Make sure you read the information above carefully beforehand. Make sure that your application does not conflict with our Terms of Use. Product return issues are considered within 2 weeks of purchase.


  • if the product has been downloaded for a long time,
  • in case you violate the requirements of applicable law, the terms of the contract, or the Rules of use of the service, as well as used for illegal, illegal, and prohibited actions,
  • or if the reason for the refund is not specified.


Return is subject to one of the following conditions:

  • if the user did not download the product,
  • if you have erroneously / re-paid for the goods
In other cases, refunds are made at the discretion of


Refunds are made in the same way as payment for the order. We always refund only the method of payment for which we received funds from you. For example, if you have paid for the Service with a VISA / MASTERCARD card, the refund is made by canceling the transaction (refund) and, as a result, the refund can only be made to your VISA / MASTERCARD card. The refund terms depend on which payment method was used.

When making a refund, a service fee or a bank/payment system fee may be charged for the refund of funds withheld from the amount to be refunded.