Design Brochure templates - advertising publication, is a usually a sheet of A4 or smaller format, folded (folded) into 2 or more parts. Printing Design Brochure - it is always a source of some specific information. Unlike advertising leaflets, information templates contain much more useful information, and it is designed for long-term use.

Accordingly, the quality of such printing products to be much higher than the usual flyer or tri brochure. It is assumed that the business brochure or promotional material of a commercial firm will turn over repeatedly, view photos and images that are placed there to study the printed information.

Among the contemporary printed products is one of the main places occupied by brochure that can be called the younger sisters of books, apparently because these informational materials resemble a small book.

Classification of templates

  • Information, social advertising materials, health and environmental template.
  • Promotional brochures are product or service, such as the tourist, or more narrow topics brochure away.
  • Trials-business. This could be one or the other business or corporate printing templates, which contains information about a particular company.

Today, widespread so-called environmental design They are a form of social advertising brochure may contain articles on the prevention of forest fires, electricity, heat and water conservation.

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