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Keynote Maps Templates are fully editable and customization, that permits you to readily change: fonts, color of individual elements, divide the map to highlight certain regions or re-size any of the elements, just a few clicks.

Maps templates are great tool for planning and conducting presentations. Using templates ignites minds of participants and teachers, it makes it easier to express their thoughts.

Keynote maps templates also includes additional graphical elements. Themes can also be used to store the detailed settings that can be set once and then not have to install again. This means that you can create presentations for each type of map that you can do in the future.

Using Keynote maps templates you can create a memorable and attractive presentations. On our site you can download a variety of map: for this you need to go to the appropriate directory or use the search.

For coverage area distinguished hemispheres and maps of the world, continents and oceans, continents maps individual parts (regions, countries). The larger coverage area, the smaller scale and more generalization.

Geographic, vector maps of continents, states and countries, islands, mountain systems, rivers, lakes, districts, counties, lands, provinces, territories, regions, districts and other outstanding objects worth your attention.

Look at the Keynote maps. You see the continents painted different colors depicting territory of some states. them in the world today than 200. Each of them live by their own laws, constitutions and has its state symbols - the coat of arms, flag, anthem. Each has its own capital. For example, in the United States of America - Washington, UK - London, France - Paris, Russia - Moscow and others. They are marked on the political map circles. Symbol also marked the borders between states.

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The structure of the political maps for Keynote. Classification of countries

The political map of the world- a thematic Keynote maps templates, which shows the boundaries of certain secretions all over the world, national borders throughout the world. It tends to change over time.

Nowadays there are about 230 countries, which differ according to various indicators, namely: form of government; State device; level of social and economic development.

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