Map Indonesia: Keynote Maps of Indonesia Templates

Map Indonesia: Keynote Maps of Indonesia Templates
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Type: Keynote Maps template

Category: Asia

Sources Available: .key

Product ID: KM00238

Template incl.: 30 editable slides
of Keynote Maps

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Indonesia's map shows that this state is located in Southeast Asia and has a territory of 1,919,440 square kilometers, being the largest country in the region and ranked 14th in the world in terms of territory.

A detailed map of Indonesia will help you find out where the capital of the state of Jakarta is located and will tell you that this presidential republic is divided into 33 administrative-territorial units, with 31 units being a province, and 2 being special districts equated to provinces in status.

A map of Indonesia will clearly demonstrate that the country is located on the western part of New Guinea and the islands of the Malay Archipelago while being the largest island state in the world (most of the island belongs to the Greater and Lesser Sunda Islands).

The professional Indonesia Keynote maps are designed to create impressive presentations. When creating a map of Indonesia focused on the ease of use in presentations.

With this template, you will easily be able to edit the states and region of Indonesia, make any adjustments by changing the color of the desired images. In addition, you will be able to see the diagrams and the style of the slide for your presentation. Hope you enjoy this job.

How to Edit Color?
1. Double click on the shape
2. Chose a color from the color tab

Main Features:

  • Multipurpose Slides, Clean, Simple & Creative
  • Wide Screen Size
  • Custom animation for each object
  • Section Break Slides
  • Smart and Innovative Presentation Slides
  • Easy Editable map of Indonesia
  • Handcrafted map in Keynote
  • Full HD and Retina ready
  • Clean and Modern professional style
  • Use Free Font
  • Handmade Infographic
  • Documentation & Quick Guide file and more...

Editable and Political Keynote Indonesia maps

As you can see, Keynote Map template contains a wide range of elements including symbols, maps of Indonesia, etc. They are vector symbols that can be stretched or modified without loss of quality.

Customize Indonesia Maps on your own

So, use Indonesia Keynote Maps to create almost any kind of presentation. The template gives you control over every aspect of your map; from colors, sizes and fonts, to adding grids and changing the number of tick marks on your axes.

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