Europe Keynote Maps

Europe Keynote maps templates include various options for political and geographical maps of the continent, including editable map.The continent of Europe has distinctive features that do not immediately attract attention because it is a huge single monolith with Asia. Separation of the largest Eurasian continent into two parts of the world - Europe and Asia - historically and geographically is conditional. We offer a variety of download Europe Keynote maps to prepare for professional presentation.

Use Europe Keynote Maps templates can be alone or together with other diagrams or texts. During their presentation can be edited as a whole map of Europe, as well as individually, each country separately.

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Political Keynote maps of Europe for presentation

The vertical axis of the world passes through London. Here, the Americas and Australia are on the periphery of the world, and the Pacific Ocean is not perceived as a single space. In addition, the Equator (centering North and South) shifted in the bottom half of the card, making Africa, South America and Australia, smaller relative to North America and Eurasia.