World PowerPoint Maps

World PowerPoint maps templates - political map of the world that are designed for use in the presentation. In every part of templates are included: the legend for navigation, editable components (tables, illustrations, etc.).

Modern political map of World, covering more than 250 countries and territories. We hope that templates will help you in creating the professional presentation. World PowerPoint Maps are becoming more popular these days, designers have increasingly used the image of the sea. This are political and geographical World map, to perform interesting stylistic moves and decisions in decorating the stylish business and educational PPTX presentation.

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Interactive World PowerPoint maps are visual teaching tool that can be used by a teacher to prepare and deliver geography lessons based on a computer class, multimedia projector, interactive whiteboard, and students to deepen their geographical knowledge. The interactive map of World can be used to study new material, summarize, correct and test students' knowledge, skills and practical work.

World PowerPoint Maps features:

  • management of map layers, selection of objects of reference layer;
  • scaling and moving the image;
  • drawing point, line objects and the ability to change colors;
  • drawing of inscriptions and their movement;
  • ability to create a new original map.