Europe PowerPoint Maps

Europe PowerPoint maps that contain the country and the cities. Use these templates are necessary for presentation when you need to specify and allocate a separate country in Europe. On the map are contained 43 states. Features Political Europe maps templates for creating presentation.

Maps of Europe PowerPoint - part of the world, which, together with Asia is the single continent of Eurasia.

Europe maps are informative visual products that attract the attention of the presentation listener. The correct design of the PowerPoint maps are able to hook and carry away the observer, allowing you to achieve your goals.

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Interactive Europe PowerPoint maps are visual teaching tool that can be used by a teacher to prepare and deliver geography lessons based on a computer class, multimedia projector, interactive whiteboard, and students to deepen their geographical knowledge. The interactive map of Europe can be used to study new material, summarize, correct and test students' knowledge, skills and practical work.

Europe PowerPoint Maps features:

  • management of map layers, selection of objects of reference layer;
  • scaling and moving the image;
  • drawing point, line objects and the ability to change colors;
  • drawing of inscriptions and their movement;
  • ability to create a new original map.