Tables Keynote Charts

Tables Keynote charts for presentation with different data. All inherent templates together different combinations chart in which all objects are edited, and possible numerical data. Tables chart of the most common informational Keynote presentation allows working professionally with the data.

An analytical Keynote table is a form of the most rational, visual, and systematized representation of initial data, the simplest algorithms of their processing, and the received results. It is a combination of horizontal rows and vertical graphs (columns, columns).

Analytical Tables Keynote Charts are used at all stages of the analysis of financial and economic activities:

  • at the stage of preparation of initial data in the table, the initial data are systematized, their preliminary grouping is carried out, separate intermediate results are calculated and indicators are analyzed;
  • with the help of tables, specific calculations can be performed;
  • the table is a summary of the most important indicators obtained as a result of the analysis.

Tables Keynote charts are used to systematize the source data, perform analytical calculations, and design analysis results.

The use of tables in conducting analytical procedures and presenting the results of the analysis provides:

  • reducing the amount of source data in reporting documents;
  • systematization of data and identification of templates;
  • clearness;
  • reducing the volume of analytical notes.
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