Flow Keynote Charts

Flow Keynote charts used to describe workflow and information processing. The tool allows you to create a presentation. The purpose of this Flow chart is to create a visual representation of the organization's existing and planned actions, data flow, and organizational units owned by them.

Why use flowcharts?

Visualization of work is the main principle of lean development. The flow chart allows you to better understand the stages of the process. This helps identify bottlenecks and potential repair areas that can reduce consumer benefits and increase waste.

Flow Keynote charts are useful at every stage of the project life cycle: they define, measure, analyze, improve and control. You can view flowcharts as advanced step-by-step diagrams to describe a problem, task, process, system, or algorithm.

Flow Keynote Charts usually describe the most important aspects of a customer's flow. Flowcharts, on the other hand, are usually created to describe a well-defined context.

Flow Keynote charts are used to represent the flows of processes and decisions and to visualize the order in which they must occur to achieve the desired result. Graphic representation makes flowcharts more concise than written descriptions and often helps reduce language and other communication barriers.

The main components of data flow Keynote charts are:

  • External entities
  • Data storage or storage
  • Processes
  • Data flows
  • Systems / subsystems

Flow Keynote charts is a convenient tool for forming a context chart, ie a chart that shows the developed in communication with the external environment.

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