Flow Keynote Charts

Flow Keynote charts for demonstrating data in the presentation. The use of such сhart is an important element. Graphical tool for information flow and image transformations, which passed the motion data from input to output system.

Keynote charts are an abstraction. For communication with the affected area of the graph (the graph transformation model) must specify the interpretation of its components - the arcs and vertices.

Data Flow Keynote Charts of one of the basic tools of structural analysis and design of information systems.

The information system receives external data streams. To identify elements of the system operating environment use the concept of an external entity. Within the system, there are processes of transformation of the information, generating new data streams. Data streams can come from the input to other processes placed (and retrieved) in the data storage, transmitted to external entities.

Model Flow Keynote charts (templates), like most other structural models - hierarchical model. Each process may be subjected to decomposition, ie decomposition of structural components, the relationship between them in the same notation can be displayed on a separate charts.

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