Venn PowerPoint Charts

Venn PowerPoint Charts are a collection of custom and one type of chart templates. Venn charts - schematic and mechanical representation of suggestions and considerations. These help to analyze and synthesize the consideration of two or more objects (events, facts, concepts).

Developed by John Venn, an English mathematician, and philosopher in 1880, it shows logical connections between sets and parts of sets in the form of overlapping ellipses. They do not have to be perfect ellipses, you can also insert a rectangle and ellipses inside. They are often used in mathematics, which makes it easy to calculate and show connections between sets. But you can also use them, for example, in logistics, logic, linguistics, computer science, and more.

Graphic methods are popular in use in presentations. These, in particular, are the logical square, Euler circles, and Carroll's original diagrams. However, the Venn chart method differs significantly from the well-known Euler circle method. The Venn charts are based on the idea of decomposing a Boolean function into constants, which is central in the algebra of logic, which determines their operational nature. Venn used his chart templates primarily for solving problems of class logic. PowerPoint Charts can also be effectively used to solve problems of propositional logic and predicates, to review the consequences of premises, to solve logical equations, as well as other issues, up to the problem of sociability. The Venn chart apparatus is used in applications of mathematical logic theory, in particular in solving problems associated with neural circuits and the problem of synthesizing reliable circuits from relatively few reliable elements.

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