Venn Keynote Charts

Venn Keynote charts are collections of professional Venn charts templates, which are impressive in their structure and unusual approaches to design. Truly, elegant variants of Venn chart that embody the creative templates, modern ideas and conclude a top-notch functionality in a simple, uncluttered form. Take the opportunity to purchase and download any of the available Keynote Venn charts.

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Euler-Venn charts are used to visualize sets and operations on them. The set is represented by a part of the plane bounded by a closed curve; the elements of the set are points (not necessarily all, as, for example, in the case of finite sets) of the plane inside the closed-loop. The original sets are often represented by circles. The only disadvantage of this method of images - you can not depict an empty set. Using Euler-Venn charts, we represent the union, intersection, difference, and symmetric difference of sets (the formed sets are denoted by hatching).

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