Venn PowerPoint Charts

Collection of professional Venn PowerPoint charts templates, which is impressive in its structure and unusual approaches to design. Truly, elegant variants of Venn PowerPoint charts that embody the creative templates, modern ideas and conclude a top-notch functionality in a simple, uncluttered form. Venn PowerPoint charts visually display all possible logical relationships of sets, each of which is usually represented by a circle. Each set is a collection of data that have something in common with each other. The area of overlapping circles is known as the "intersection area" - it displays data with common qualities from all intersecting sets.

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Venn PowerPoint Charts are two or more circles that overlap. It is used to show relationships (usually similarities and differences) and visually organize information. The Venn diagram consists not only of circles but also of the area around them, which contains data that does not fall into the outlined categories. Each circle displays a separate category of data. The circle overlay shows what the relevant categories have in common. This area is called the "intersection". When you need to display several categories of data, you can create a Venn chart of three, four, or even five circles.