Area Keynote Charts

Area Keynote Charts in contrast to the graphs allow you to track a continuous change in the sum of the values of all data series and the contribution of each series in this amount.

Area Keynote charts are line charts in which the area below the line is filled with a specific color or texture. To plot an area chart, first, the data points are marked on the Cartesian coordinate axes, then a line is drawn between the points, and finally, the space below the drawn line is filled with color or texture.

Area charts, like line charts, are used to depict the development of quantitative values ​​over a specific interval or over a specific period of time. Most often, these Keynote charts are used to show trends rather than specific values.

Area charts have two popular flavors: grouped and multi-level area charts. Grouped area charts originate on the same neutral axis, while in multi-level area charts, each data series originates at a point in the previous data series.

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