PowerPoint Diagrams

PowerPoint Diagrams are key component of technical analysis because it most accurately reflect the dynamics of your business. Most people perceive diagrams much easier than data expressed with words, text, or numbers.

Analysis of the information presented in this presentation can be done with PowerPoint charts, which aims to briefly and clearly convey selected information about the market, the company and its research.

In any field of prerequisite is the successful presentation of information presentation audience. PowerPoint charts are effective in cases where considered not only as a process of information, but also as a means to control the analytically conclusion about changes in the environment in order to improve the control system.

More is required to use diagrams in their speeches. This allows you to expand and interpret data, in a timely manner make decisions.

PowerPoint Diagrams may relate to different areas and solve the following problem: the study of pricing policies, sales analysis, the study of distribution channels and sales promotion, the study of advertising and its effectiveness, etc.

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Standard PowerPoint diagrams types and their purpose:

Histograma - this type of diagrams are used as a default. Displays the series vertical stripes. Shows data changes over time and illustrates the value of individual data values​​;

Pie - Displays a circle divided into sectors, can display only one row of data, the number of sectors to the number of categories. Used to display the contribution of each value series data amount;

Area - emphasizes the change over time, showing the amount entered data. Displays the contribution of individual values ​​in total. Has varieties: volume and accumulation;

Line - is of the form of discrete points or graphics. Used to display the data changes over time. For plotting using this type of PowerPoint diagrams;

Figure XY - reflects the relationship between the numerical values ​​in multiple rows and rows takes points in xy coordinates;

Buble - kind of diagram type XY. The size of the marker indicates the value of a third variable;

Exchange - data located in columns or rows corresponding order. Use to reflect changes in the exchange rate prices. It has a variety to choose from three values​​: the highest rate, the lowest rate and closing rate;

Column and line - reflects the increase and decrease for the data set.

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