Gantt PowerPoint charts

Gantt PowerPoint charts
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Type: PowerPoint Charts template

Category: Business Models, Organizational, Tables

Sources Available: .pot, .potx

Product ID: PC00056

Template incl.: 18 editable slides
of PowerPoint Charts

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The Gantt chart is a planning, task management tool that was invented by American engineer Henry Gantt. It looks like horizontal stripes located between two axes: a task list vertically and dates horizontally. Gantt PowerPoint charts shows not only the tasks themselves, but also their sequence. This allows us not to forget about anything and do everything in a timely manner.
Who needs PowerPoint charts
If you're a fan of planning and love beautiful graphics, the Gantt chart is for you. It will help with the launch of an online store, and in preparation for a large-scale event. In everyday life, the diagram is useful for self-planning a wedding, repairing or building a house, traveling or preparing for a session.
For example, a freelancer with PowerPoint Gantt chart will be sure that he will be able to take on another project. And the bride, looking at the schedule, will not worry that she is not in time.
In business, PowerPoint Gantt charts helps everyone. The contractor knows exactly what, what and when to do it, his boss controls the deadlines, and the client is calm if he sees what stage the process is at.
Useful tool for the PowerPoint presentation of the project. The customer or the boss will see the scope and timing of the work and understand why the site design, for example, is done for three months, and not a week.

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