Dashboard Keynote charts template

Dashboard Keynote charts template
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Type: Keynote Charts template

Category: Illustrations, Pie

Sources Available: .key

Product ID: KC00035

Template incl.: 16 editable slides
of Keynote Charts

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Dashboard Keynote charts - editable speedometer with an arrow (which will help you specify the correct figures). If you do not need an arrow or want to change it - it's very simple. Also, if possible, you can lighten up, to change the color of the speedometer. Download Dashboard Keynote charts template here!

The design of the Dashboard charts gives the presentation distinctive features or allows you to have a general idea of ​​the area in which it is used. For example, financial Keynote charts related to monetary amounts may be the number of bills in a pack or coins in a stack; a diagram of comparison of the number of rolling stock - different lengths of the depicted trains, etc.

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