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Maps of America for use in PowerPoint presentations with professionally made slides. Here you can view, select and download the desired template with maps of America. Such a map for presentation is so convenient that it can be used by business representatives and investors, experts who are interested in the development of the country or region. Thanks to the ease of editing, American PowerPoint maps template can also be used in both electronic textbooks and presentations for learning.

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America is one of the parts of the world, which includes two continents - South and North America, as well as Central America and numerous islands of the Caribbean.

The name America comes from the Italian merchant and navigator Amerigo Vespucci, one of the first European explorers to visit the New World. Although at first the term "America" ​​was applied only to the southern half of the continent, soon this designation began to be applied to the entire landmass. Those areas that expanded to the north of the Isthmus of Panama became known as North America, and those that expanded to the south, South America.