Picture Keynote Shapes

Picture Keynote Shapes - set of vector illustrations, which can be edited as needed. These Picture shape templates allow users to apply successfully in the professional presentation when you need to make a more dynamic and memorable report. Here you can select and download, both paid and free editable Picture Keynote shapes:

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  • ID: #KS00048
    Annotation Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00029
    Pyramid Keynote shapes for presentation
  • ID: #KS00028
    Sticky Notes Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00027
    Merry Christmas Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00026
    Visual System Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00025
    Hand Shapes Template for Keynote Presentation
  • ID: #KS00024
    Medicine Brain Shapes Template for Keynote Presentation
  • ID: #KS00023
    Medical Insights: Download Our Info-charts Keynote Shapes Template
  • ID: #KS00010
    Structure of Skin shapes template for Keynote
  • ID: #KS00009
    Male Reproductive System Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00008
    Prostate Keynote shapes
  • ID: #KS00007
    System Heart Keynote Shapes Template - Download Now!
  • ID: #KS00006
    Human Ear Keynote shapes

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