North America Keynote Maps

We offer manufactured Keynote maps based on the digital vector map of North America. Options are available in a wide range of sizes and scales. The maps cover the entire territory of North America. Content elements consist of separate vector layers, each of which contains objects of a different nature. Here you can choose a wide range of educational and methodical North America maps for Keynote presentations. Our products are widely used in educational processes. All materials are carefully prepared based on many years of experience.

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The North America Map is used in presentations. Gives an opportunity to clearly understand why the countries of this continent differ in economic development; shows economic features, specializations of countries in the world market, research of opportunities for economic development.

Develops the ability to use different sources of geographical information to search, interpret and demonstrate a variety of geographical data and the formation of students on this basis, key competencies; performs actions acquired on the basis of the application of geographical knowledge and previous experience. Develops cognitive interest, intellectual and creative abilities of students in the process of geographical observations.

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