Gantt PowerPoint Diagrams

Collection of professional Gantt PowerPoint Diagrams, which is impressive in its structure and unusual approaches to design. Truly, elegant variants of Gantt designs embody the creative templates, modern ideas and conclude a top-notch functionality in a simple, uncluttered form. Take the opportunity to purchase and download any of the available Gantt PPT Diagrams.

A Gantt Diagram is a project management tool that illustrates a project plan. It usually consists of two parts: on the left is a list of tasks, and on the right is a timeline with bars that represent the work. The Gantt Diagram can also include start and end dates for assignments, milestones, dependencies between assignments and performers. To keep up with the demands of modern software development, roadmap tools like Jira Software include to-do dropdown, asset dashboards, and more. These roadmap tools help teams maintain a consistent project strategy despite the iterative nature of the software development process.

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