Company Letterheads

Letterhead - the face of the company. The most important of the components of corporate identity. Every document issued by the company must be printed on letterhead. Traditionally, the company logo, bank details, license numbers, certificates, contact information (address, telephone numbers, e-mail, website address) are placed on the letterhead. The creative team designs, prints and makes letterheads on its own modern equipment.

The appearance of the form varies depending on its purpose, in general, this type of printed product is a sheet edition of not more than A4. Such forms contain elements of the company's corporate identity, as well as details, address, and telephone number of the company. The application of company symbols, as well as information about the company, is carried out using both black and white and multicolor printing, and as a material, we can offer you not only standard types of paper but also exclusive, designer paper.

It is hardly possible to overestimate the value of letterheads. They not only enhance the company's image but also help to make its corporate style more recognizable. In addition, documents printed on good paper using branded symbols attract additional attention, and the information contained in them becomes more important in the eyes of the recipient.

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What is a company letterhead

Every company needs different types of forms for document management. Ready-made forms reduce the time required to complete a document because the template already contains the necessary information for regular use. In addition, the probability of an error during filling is reduced - all significant details are pre-printed. Branded products ordered from a reputable printing company, such as Wolf Printing House, will be more than just a convenient way to work with documentation. Well thought out and professionally made, they will positively affect the company's image, increase its prestige among customers, partners and competitors. High-quality printing will make the forms a kind of business card of the company and give confidence to subordinates during business correspondence and execution of contracts and orders.

What should be a quality letterhead

There are certain rules and traditions regarding the design of such templates. Yes, the standard copy, as a rule, has the size A4, and also contains the constant, invariable text and a free place for entering the new information. In addition to carefully filling in the company's details in the layout, you should pay attention to the design. It is he who will make the first impression on those who will pick up the form for the first time. Therefore, the main requirement for the design style - rigor, lack of decorative, flashy elements. Here are some more design tips:

  • the font should be easy to read, legible, and clear so that it does not lose its appearance when scanned or faxed;
  • it is better to abandon the background - for the same cases of faxing or scanning;
  • letterheads are usually signed and stamped, so coated and glossy paper are not the best options;
  • in order not to inadvertently change the key details, it is better to make blocks with this information in the footers.