Spiral Genome Keynote Themes

Spiral Genome Keynote Themes
20 Diagrams (7 color schemes)

Type: Keynote Themes

Category: Medicine - Pharma

Sources Available: .jpg, .key, .kth

Slide size: standart (4:3) , widescreen (16:10) , widescreen (16:9)

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Template incl.:
3 Masters,
3 Backgrounds
3 Masters,
3 Backgrounds,
28 Diagrams,
7 color schemes for diagrams

Perhaps you have noticed that people are born, to put it mildly, are different. Someone healthy and beautiful, some ugly and sick. Does anyone have the ability to say to the painting, and no other. What is the reason? This gene person. With the help of this Spiral Genome Keynote templates you can tell people about it.

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