Yacht Rent Keynote Template

Yacht Rent Keynote Template
20 Diagrams (7 color schemes)

Type: Keynote Themes

Category: Tourism - Voyage

Sources Available: .jpg, .key, .kth

Product ID: KT00508

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Template incl.:
3 Masters,
3 Backgrounds
3 Masters,
3 Backgrounds,
28 Diagrams,
7 color schemes for diagrams

Description about Yacht Rent Keynote Template: Relax on the boat - it's a great opportunity to spend your holiday, vacation, holidays or just a weekend. The need for a break from work is beyond doubt - everyone needs a break from the routine of everyday life. Relax on the boat will break a memorable and will provide an opportunity to return to work with renewed vigor. This Keynote Tehmes will provide customers with full information about renting or buying a yacht.

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