Keynote Shapes

Keynote Shapes templates - represent the objects of a specific geometric shape. All kinds of arrows, icons, logos, and all other figures. The use of preprinted forms can save significant time. Now we offer a selection of sets of forms in different themes. Each Keynote shapes from the set can be useful for your presentations. You can download them by clicking on the image:

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New Keynote Shape

After downloading the shapes in each template are the slides (the number corresponds to the images displayed on the site), from which you can directly copy the shapes and objects in your Keynote presentation. With the ability to edit, you can adjust the rounded corners of the square, add text to a shape, and more.

Adding shapes to your presentation

Will choose a Keynote shapes, select it and with help of the mouse, copy or move the come to the right place for you location. With the help of other slides in the template you can view other options figures.

Adding text to Keynote shapes

To add text inside the shape you need to double click on the object. After the appearance of the insertion point you need to enter your text. Also, while editing shapes and objects, you can change the size, color and do other manipulations, including the addition of other diagrams and drawings.

All manipulations with text editing easily conducted, as in any other text of your presentation.

Setting Shapes

Select the shape and go to the "Format" menu, where the tab "Shapes and lines" you can edit. Also, you can double-click the shape to change a curved line on a straight line. Function handles are different types of lines.

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